“Single Ladies” Finds New Home At Centric


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“Single Ladies” fans rejoice. Your show just found a new home.

It seems “Single Ladies” producer Queen Latifah is one crafty woman. Not only has she found a new home for her cancelled show But she’s also putting it on a channel that’s desperate for viewers.

Centric, a 24-hour music and entertainment channel geared toward African American women, will produce and air a fourth season of Single Ladies as part of a greater new production deal with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment (which the actress co-owns with partner, Shakim Compere), the company behind the show.

I didn’t watch before. But I’m glad Queen saved people their jobs.


  1. All them need acting lessons. Glad the show found a home, it was just getting good between Raquel and Terrence. And, I want to see Keisha’s wedding.


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