Slim Thug Told It All On Twitter About His Breakup With Letoya Luckett



Houston rapper Slim Thug used Twitter to put it all out there regarding his breakup with Letoya Luckett. When Slim Thug was asked via Formspring why he broke up with the R&B singer, he bluntly replied, “I cheated and had a baby with another chick, it all went down from there.” Some use Twitter as a platform to share a little too much information, but you can’t be mad at the man for beating what blogs and media will turn his break up into. So he put it all the way out there, so there is no room for guessing.


  1. he is so messy!!! I LOVE IT lol i dont blame him why front??? keep it real sometimes the “it is what it is” kind of stories are the best ones

  2. Hey what can you say there’s too many women out here in so many shapes ans sizes. Slim is keeping it 100 you can’t do nothing but respect it or check it, I bet she still wants to be with him but he made the choice

  3. Wow…that’s what happens when there are so many lose women willing to fuck anybody’s man…And men need to stop fucking everything with a slit..follow me on twitter @simplysexxy

  4. Niggers aint shit they all ways talk about the female cheating but you got these bull shit as niggers anit shit either and that’s fucked up latoya moved on and don’t let no man stop you. keep your head up lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  5. Wow, that’s off the chain! they showed him on mediatakeout the other day having to take the bus! I guess he wasn’t that dude until she started effing with you! LMAO, hope that he’s happy with the baby momma situation to me his words translates to ” i was such a triffling dude that even when I was cheating I didn’t thinnk of you and use protection that’s just how much you don’t mean to me”! Good for Latoya he could of come back with that monkey!

  6. At least he told the truth, but why get rich and mess with a bum nigga that you could have bagged in any hood broke?

  7. Men ain’t shit most days but why you gotta risk my life for some strange ass…what’s the difference between bangin dirty bitches raw and aimin a gun at my headd?


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