SNEAK PEAK: Welcome To Neffe’s World


My girl Neffe is coming out with a new show called Neffe’s World which will star, of course herself, and her husband Soulow. In this new show, Neffe shows viewers her perspective on the world a little clearer. Coming from the two previous reality tv shows, The Frankie and Neffe Show and Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, it is most definitely interesting to get a closer look on her life. Check the promo inside.

“NEFFE’S WORLD” WELCOME TO NEFFE’S INTRO PROMO from Capitol Broadcast Shows Televisi on Vimeo.

Neffe and Soulow are doing big things now with this new show and don’t forget their new gay lounge called Jimiz Lounge. Big ups to you! Are you ready to see the new show? I AM!!!


  1. I am sooo happy for Neffe! I will be watching! Thanks FreddyO for the heads up! Neffe looks stunning and I am delighted her and Soullow are sticking together for the long haul!

  2. Yeah….. I’m glad that Neffe is getting it together but she just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. At first it was funny to watch how she and her family carry themselves, but now I’m just embarrassed for them. Good luck to her and her fam though, she seems to have cleaned up and got it together. Go gurl!!!

  3. Ffirst off neffe aint getting shit nor do she got shit you cant fuck over people and expect nothing to happen i have full details about the story and more dirt freddy hit me up if ur willing to put it out ther i have a tell all story


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