Snooki Naked Pic Has Arrived



The wait is almost over, Bobby V’s cakes aren’t the only ones out for the world to see this week. Apparently is reporting that those rumored naked pictures of Jersey Shore’s Snooki that we all have been waiting to enjoy with a warm bottle of lube have a arrived….Maybe. I really don’t see all the hype, maybe its me – what yall think?  Click Here To See The Pic..


In the nude photo just released on a Web site, Snooki’s quote about nude photos not existing is printed in a thought bubble. learned that the photos were never intended for public distribution and that there is also a short video that exists. Most of the photos are strategically posed, hiding much of Snooki’s body.


  1. this tierd ass chick looks like a snooki…wack wack wack…thats the call of the wild snooki from the jungles of new jersey….damn bunch of racist ass paper….thats my 5cents


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