Snooki Responds To Ne-Yo Statement “You Are Mad Cause Yo Career Not Up”



Jersey Shore’s” Snooki was again asked about her recent Twitter feud with Ne-Yo, which began last week after the singer took offense to the reality star making the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

Ne-Yo tweeted: “Wow. Snooki is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Really? I quit. (Just kidding, but almost serious….).”


It didn’t take long for the reality show star to fire back. “I was just really upset,” she told at the LAX nightclub in Las Vegas Sunday night. “I’m a big fan of Ne-Yo. Every song was on my iPod and I deleted them yesterday just because of his comments.”

Well Damn!!!! She let him have it…

She went onto say,

“Why do you hate me? I’m the nicest person ever. I understand you are a little mad cause your career is not up right now and I’m on the cover but you know what–like I’m a nice person and I deserve it, so get over it.”

For his part, Ne-Yo doesn’t want a war with Snooki, but he’s standing his ground.

“I don’t know her so I can’t disrespect her, but I feel like Rolling Stone is a music magazine,” he told E! News at the recent “Battle: LA” premiere. “And for them to put her on the cover, it’s like, ‘Really?’”

I feel the same way  Ne-Yo feels, Rolling Stone was a music Mag but I guest they are changing, making the mag more about people who love music… What yall think?

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  1. i do feel ne-yo on that.. what did she do to be on the cover of the rolling magazine,.. please ne-yo don’t let that affect your love for music. also ne-yo doesn’t hate her (well at least i dont think so) i dont understand why she said that hate comment for. but oh well, like every battle it will end

  2. i’m not a neyo fan, but i respect his talent and i COMPLETELY agree with Neyo. Its bad enough that the ‘music’ industry is full of the fake and talentless, but then for a talentless person to appear on Rolling Stone when handfuls of the musically inclined busted their ass and still couldn’t get the Rolling Stone cover is worthy of questioning. Remind me what she is famous for? How is she a roll model? Yeah, I can’t remember either. Keep music alive

  3. I love Ne-Yo and agree with him completely. Rolling Stone Mag is about music. She doesn’t even stand for anything concerning music. She is mostly known for getting drunk and arrested! Is that what Rolling Stone is promoting now. No talent…but get drunk and arrested on live television and you can be on the cover of Rolling Stone! No class Rolling Stone…none at all.

  4. Yeah, and remember when MTV used to be music television? Everything is moving to the garbage that passes for pop culture. Its all about itmage. No one is a singer, they are recording artists (WTF?!?!) now, no one is a movie star, they are entertainers (seriously?!?!) Do you think someone like Aretha Franklin would be able to become established in today’s music industry? Based on her appreance, because she isn’t 20 with her butt hanging out the bottom of a pair of hoochie shorts-my point is, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, or what your alleged talent is, it is all a matter of how marketable you are. That’s why Kanye West will ALWAYS be a superstar-love him or hate him, he is always up to some sort of highjinx that keeps him in the spotlight. So, either grow a pair and quit whining Ne-Yo or do something worthy of putting you on the cover of a magazine-like booty shorts with a belly shirt!

  5. Rolling Stone is a pop culture magazine not strictly a music magazine. And they haven’t been a strictly music magazine since the late 1970’s.

    If they were strictly a music mag then they would have never had Princess Leia & the Storm Troopers on the cover back in the early 80s, they wouldn’t have had Chis Carter in a Creature from the Black Lagoon costume while he was carrying a skimpily clad Gillian Anderson ala 1950’s B movie poster tribute during the X-Files hey day, they wouldn’t have had a naked Jennifer Anniston the cover when she and “Friends” were at their height, they wouldn’t have had a bald Brad Pitt in a maxi dress as his Tyler Durden character when “Fight Club” was in the theaters, they wouldn’t have had any of their non music related covers over the years if they were strictly a music magazine (& they are even less of one now since they shrunk their size)

    in other words: Ne Yo honey, Rolling Stone ain’t what it used to be since probably before you were born.

  6. Rollin Stones is not only about music and they are absolutely right to focus on the people that party’s with the ‘music’; it is not the first time RS put an non-singer on the cover and it won;t be the last. Ne-Yo, please grow up! Aren’t you a mother now?? I mean a father LOL LOL LOL

  7. Snooki is shite, but fools like trash.

    “Ne-Yo, please grow up! Aren’t you a mother now?? I mean a father LOL LOL LOL”
    Telling someone to grow up and then cracking a childish joke about them in the next sentence…my brain is gonna explode from the irony. I especially like the multiple, caps-locked ‘LOLs’. I gotta try it-
    ‘Braziliant, please grow up! You is an idiot LOL LOL LOL’

    Damn, that IS fun!

  8. I agree with Ne-Yo completely, Snookie has nothing related to music. And yes Rolling stone is a music mag. Good for Ne-Yo for standing his ground!


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