Snoop Dogg Wants to Judge ‘American Idol’



What the dizzle? Snoop Dogg wants to be the judge of American Idol, and I don’t necessarily think that is a bad decision (Septemeber 1). With almost 2 decades in the music industry, I think Snoop has an ear for talent. Clearly. Snoop says “it’s time that “American Idol” added some “pizzazz” to its judging panel”. Fashizzle my nizzle.The rapper – believe it or not – has been in the rumor mill of possible replacements for Simon Cowell. Snoop says he’d be willing, if the money is right.

“I like that show. I think it’s missing some pizzazz and I can give it what it’s missing – if they get their bread together, cut me in and cut me out. I got to get paid,” he told WENN.


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  2. will dont watch then dummy edith.. snoop dogg, as known by millions, is far more famous than his lil rap game. Snoop dogg is a phenominal producer and writes great lyrics for others… like the article says. Over 20 years in the industry gets you some recognition from people besides project strewn blacks with a yearn to hear violent lyrics. so quit watching.. you wont even touch the ratings… Snoop Dogg finances a youth football leage out of his own pocket and pays for the rides of all the other parents in the league as well as provides lodging on any overnighters.. he is a real good guy to the kids..

  3. Hey, Ima White Boomer. Deep into Music all my life. I dont much like Rap Music of anykind because i dont consider it Music as such, more like Poetry with Bongos on steroids, and of course my life style doesnt parallel that kind of thing. Ive seen Snoop Dog for 20 years now. Read all the media about him. Seen his accomplishments. This guy has a good angle on the world. A firm grasp of reality. I would definately respect his eye/ear for talent. His persona would also lend itself to the program in a strongly positivie way. In my eyes, this would be a win win for him and the show.


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