Solange Knowles Joins ‘Next Model’ Agency


Solange Knowles is making her next venture in life and taking on the modeling world after signing to famous agency “Next”.


The younger sister of Beyonce developed her own style over the years and because of that is recognized for her fashion sense in several fashion bibles. So it comes as no surprise that one of the world’s biggest agencies has added Solange to their rosta.


“Artistic expression is invaluable to me in all walks of my career and I am so excited to continue to develop this path along with such an amazing team at Next Model Management,”


Solange told


“I feel right at home working with people who have worked beside such creative forces in the world.”

Solange was initially made spokesperson for her mother and sister’s House Of Dereon clothing label, but dropped out the range did not reflect her personality.


  1. Solange remind me of oprah winfrey bf gayle who because famous because of who she knew and leftovers. child you are not a model u cant dress and that hair of yours is a mess anyway im happy for

  2. This is a Gorgeous picture!! Every time I see her , she reminds me of a walking portrait. Congrats Solange your beautiful 🙂

  3. It’s about time she reconsider her “Career Path” because she can’t sing worth a dang……just saying.


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