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Soulful New Music Is Coming Out Of Long Beach California From New Rythem & Blues Artist Ria Rosae

Long Beach, California is known for there great weather, beautiful looking bodies and appealing HipHop Artist but wait until you discover this beautifully talented soultry vocals mixed with a new school vibe of melodies streaming from Ria Rosae with her up & coming Ep. You never heard or seen the likes of this incredibly gifted old but new skool music quite like this before. With the golden opportunity to remake

Ria Rosae’s is a fan of Anita Baker and Toni Braxton.  Ria has found away to combine the old with the new skool of music with her universal voice with R&B soul accompanied by her acoustic guitar and the penmanship of her own lyrics. Ria’s created and trademarked her style of music called “R&B Old Soul with New Skool Turn Up”. Ria Rosea’s music is set to take you on a cruise with her new song “Disapear” written by Ria Rosae and produced by Frank Greenfield executive produced by SBEMISIC.

Up & coming shows for the RNB Skooled artist is on April 7, playing Reseeda with Lakeside Singer Rick Abernathy. Also on April 15, in Long Beach Civic Center with the Legendary “Gap Band’. We are expecting greatness and longevity to come from this old but very new skool R&B artist for now and years to come.

Contacts for R&B Skool Singer Ria Rosae is on Twitter: @RiaRosae, Instagram: @riarosae




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