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Soulja Boy Tells Us What Really Happen To Arab + SODMG Member “Q” On Taking $45K & SB Getting Robbed

Soulja Boy’s longtime friend Arab and member of SODMG has called it quits with being apart of the record label. Although he no longer will be a member, Arab says that his relationship with Soulja Boy is still the same and this change is only due to him wanting to pursue a solo career of his own. Also another former memember of SODMG discusses his involvement with Soulja Boy’s missing $45K. Check inside for video and more details on this story.

“There are no hard feelings”, says Soulja Boy concerning his friend leaving the group. Arab who has always been Soulja Boy’s right hand man says that he felt he couldn’t have the fame he desired from being in the shadows of his superstar friend which is why he decided to pursue is rapping career on his own. Arab was with Soulja Boy prior to his fame as they posted their own videos and music online where they soon climbed the charts together after Soulja Boy’s smash hit “Superman” went viral around the world. Now Arab plans to make the same success but finally with his name on it, stay tuned for music to come from Arab.

“I mean if you feel like somebody came to your house and threatened you about stealing money from your friend,wouldn’t you tell your friend. “After the fact I check my account I seen that$45,000 was missing for my account” said soulja boy.


In other news, former SOGMG member “Q” discusses his ongoing feud with Soulja Boy concerning him supposedly stealing $45K of Soulja Boy’s money. The two had disagreements on the whereabouts of the money which “Q” vehemently denies ever actually stealing. This is where the story gets interesting, he claims that he took the money to give to some individuals who claimed they would kill him if he didn’t take the money but because he failed to let Soulja Boy know of this exchange until Soulja Boy called and asked him about the missing money it looked like he was being sneaky on his part once Soulja Boy checked his account.


“Q” was then relived from being a member of SODMG and now is upset with the fact that Soulja Boy hasn’t believed him. Once good friends, the two have yet to sit and talk about in detail the events that happened that night. “Q” claims that same people that made him rob Soulja Boy could also be the same people who invaded his home months later where Soulja Boy was forced to use his pistol to flee the men.

The guys that robbed him!!!

A close source says “soulja boy was more hurt than mad”. 2 months  after the beef soulja boy was robbed from some guys he knew.A close source says they warned soulja boy about these guys and that they were not his friends.With his lifestyle soulja boy was very expressive about throwing money out at shows,but did not realize that the danger he brought to him.

I will say this …. Some of these aren’t the stories I was told AT ALL, but the Soulja Boy movie was great!!!!

What yall thinking?





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