Soulja Buys Private Jet for $55 Million


Soulja Boy celebrated his birthday today by buying himself a $35 million jet! Soulja, who recently turned 21, purchased the luxurious G5. According to Fox News NY, he paid an additional $20 million for improvements, such as: custom Italian leather seats, flat-screen TVs, four liquor bars, a special travertine tiled floor and Brazilian hardwood cabinets. Soulja Boy is celebrating his birthday in Miami nightclub tonight and is reportedly dropping $300,000 dollars for the bash. Bow Wow, Sean Kingston and Dwight Howard are expected to attend.



  1. His azz will be broke in a few years, just like his counterpart Bow Wow! I guess AA men still feel the need to have worldly possesions to feel as though they have arrived instead of allowing that money to make more money! SMH at his stupidity!! He really needs a sound financial advisor!!!

  2. Get real, brothas need to stop fronting & media falling for the B.S. Soulja Boy doesn’t have that kind of paper–he might rent one but lets be for real


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