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Sammie Haynes, Editor and chief of Sheen Magazine

This past weekend during the Bronner Brothers hair show, STEPS Events Planning firm threw a day party at suite Lounge. Of course you know when an event is powered by S.T.E.P.S, you are in for an elite top of the line experience. Sheen magazine which is one of the most top selling magazines on the shelves in today’s time was also one of there to promote one of the most finest hair products which is none other than Nairobi ! Nairobi is one of the most leading hair products used by may women. Other invited brands/businesses were there to showcase their products such as Jones and Rose Beauty Products and, the ever so popular Hustle Gang Clothing, Celebrities such as Christian Keys ,and Reece Odem were amongst the crowd. Check out some pics courtesy of Briana Crudup






Jamahl L. King. CEO of S.T.E.P.S Event Planning Firm


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