Stacy Dash Leaves Oscar’s Audience Clueless With Her Appearance


At the 88th Annual Oscar Awards (February 28th), a very awkward and unintentionally hilarious moment happened. During the telecast, host Chris Rock introduced a new member of the academy…Stacy Dash.

When Stacy Dash was introduced by the show’s host as “The New Academy Director of Diversity Outreach”.in what was suppose to be a funny joke fell very, very flat with the audience.

The uncomfortable silence was eerie when she came out to no applause and left to a spatter of claps after trying to make light of her recent comments about the Oscar boycott.

Dash had said that the Oscar boycott was “ludicrous” and “if we want segregation then we need to get rid of channels like BET.” ┬áSocial media would drag her through the mud for those comments, and BET themselves, but it appeared her cameo during the Oscar’s seemed to acknowledge that no one really cares about Stacy Dash.


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