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Stick A Fork In TGT, Rumors Of It Being Over Before It Began Surfaces



Were you a fan of Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank trio TGT? Well you’d better have a seat.

The interesting dynamics of TGT seemed easy enough. Pair up three artists, who lets be honest, aren’t as desirable as the modern day pop star, and combine their audiences to make something hot in music for the non-kids of R&B.

However naturally it hasnt worked out that way due to numerous rumors about inner squabbling from the guys.

The blogs were blowing up last year when only two of the guys, minus Tyrese began performing around the nation.

Then last month they left an audience from “The Aresenio Hall Show” hanging on live TV due to the fellas NOT wanting to perform for anything less than an ALL FEMALE audience. Can you believe that?

Now comes word that Tank has jumped ship and is performing all by himself alongside Jaime Foxx.

The whole “ladies only” is so 2000. Anybody wiling to pony up some dough for music should get over it already. But that’s another story for anther time.


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