Swizz Beatz Behind On Taxes


Well Swizz Beatz is in taxes trouble. According to the State of New York the hip hop producer and rapper is behind on his taxes.

According to TMZ, Swizz has a lien against him by the State of New York. His real name, Kasseem Dean, for 2010 unpaid taxes. He still owes the state $98,246.18.

BUT it doesn’t stop there, he also has federal tax liens filed against him for about $2.6 million.


  1. Now I see why A. Keys was back in the studio, she has to get back on the road to help Swizz Beakz pay his taxes…….”Somewhere MaShonda is somewhere with her Girlfriends laughing and Popping Bottles at the both of them”, serves them right….Get your money Uncle Sam. Did Wesley Snipes not learn you guy anything?????


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