Swizz Beatz Celebrates His Birthday By Giving Alicia Keys A Car, Denies Cheating + She Builds Him A Skating Rink


Producer/rapper Swizz Beatz celebrated his birthday yesterday and decided to give his wife, Alicia Keys, a brand new custom made Lotus Ezora. Swizz Beats was recently named Vice President and creative consultant at Lotus, a British sports car maker. Alicia Keys tweeted:

And Beatz tweeted:

Beatz, who recently turned 33, has come under major fire from gossip blogs saying that he is cheating on his wife with a woman he met back in 2007 (check out the story here and here and here). Maybe Alicia Keys is ignoring the rumors or maybe this car was an attempt to buy her off basically, as Swizz may really have something to hide. What do you think?

What do you think?

Update: The people over at The YBF were able to ask Swizz about the allegations of him cheating and he responded, “All that matters is that I love my wife. We don’t play into all the foolishness. I’m just trying to stay on my grind and they are always trying to bring me down.”

He then revealed that she had a skating rink built for him in the middle of Manhattan. I’m waiting on the pics.

Do you believe Mr. Beatz?


  1. So Swizz Beats get accused of “allegedly” cheating with another woman, then buys his wife a car on HIS birthday… Hmmmmmm

  2. Referee, throw the damn flag! Flagrant Foul! You don’t deny having an affair and then buy your wife a car…. on YOUR birthday. Are you serious? What part of the game is this Swiss? I’m from the old school and that sounds like a make up gift to me. Besides Alicia knew what she was getting when she married him because she got him from somebody else. What goes around come back around Ms. Karma girl. But you know what they say, she’s a product of her own enviroment. I’m pretty sure her daddy did the same thing to her momma, so she’s seen it all before.
    Side note- Why does anybody care whether he cheats on her anyway? She was the homewrecker when they got together, now everyone is looking out for Alicia, meanwhile dog ass Swiss comes away unscathed, cheating on 2 wives?

  3. Am I the only one that finds it ironic that there are cheating rumors out when Alicia was also accused of cheating with Swizzy back when he was still married………I wouldnt flat out deny these rumors Ms. Keys because isnt Swizz also the man that had a daughter while still being married to Mashonda….#imjustsayin

  4. If he did cheat on her she deserve it because it is her own karma. You can’t treat others wrong and think you going to get a blessing. I read that she laughed at the rumors it’s just a front to prevent herself from crying. They trying to act like they got a perfect life haha now that’s something to laugh about. Women like her disgust me.


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