-T-Boz and Chili supports The Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Foundation


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T-Boz and Chili came out to support The Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Foundation annual celebrity gift wrap. The fans old and young came out to show their love. In addition, there was a great showcase of talent by New Knerds (Knerds stand for: Knowledgeable-Educated-Relentlessly-Driven-Scholars). It didn’t stop there. Bobby Tillman’s mom came out to speak against bullying and moved the crowd. The pics are below. Lisa Lopes Foundation, Inc. (LLF) is dedicated to providing youth from low income communities and diverse cultural backgrounds with innovative programs, and resources to increase motivation and strengthen their desire to succeed in school and beyond. Visit http://www.lisalopesfoundation.org/ to make donations and/or support this worthy organization. See more pics on www.CourtneyLuv.com


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