T Boz & Frank Ski’s Big Birthday Bash @ The Havana Club



Last night, I had the chance to party with  the homies T-Boz and Chilli from the biggest selling female group of all time TLC,  and one of  Atl’s top radio personailties  Frank Ski, for T-Boz and Frank’s birthdays. The party was crazy packed at one of Atlanta’s top clubs on a Tuesday night, the Havana Club. Check out all the pics below.

T Boz and Chilli are still looking bad as hell, for all you haters, and these two beautiful women, inside and out, came out to celebrate T Boz’s 40th birthday in diva fashion. You can catch T Boz making cameo appearances on Chilli’s new reality show “What Chilli Wants” on VH1. T Boz’s first solo album is slated to drop later this year.

Make sure ya’ll pick up one Chilli’s designer bags. Visit BagsByChilli.com.

Shouts out to Music Business Poitices & Botchie Entertainment.


  1. I love them. Get it Girls ya’ll look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Please give us some music.. miss ya’ll

  2. Chili does anything she can to stay relative. She’s so wack…at least TBoz has faced the fact the TLC is done…TLC was one of those that only works as a group…PERIOD


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