T.I Defends His Right To Club And Party


Ever since his release, Tip has been seen in the media celebrating and partying but not everyone feels his partying is justified. His club appearances over the weekend have been followed by drama including the Ciroc/Diddy incident. Things haven’t exactly looked good in Tips favor but the hip hop star believes his appearances are justified. What do you think?

Tip has recently started using his twitter account to speak with his fans and answer the media’s inquiries about what he’s using his free time to do and he’s not taking the backlash lightly.
Here are the tweets:

TI: FYI in addition 2 parties I also attended my 2 sons football games, my oldest daughter 1st concert, & took my kids to the awards. Whats da BIG DEAL?!

TI: Quick ? to Rap Radar, Cypher Sounds, & whoever else felt I shouldn’t celebrate my return, WHY NOT?!?!?!?!Didn’t haters celebrate when I left?

T.I. definitely has a point but do you think the media has one as well?

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  1. No, he was arrested for weapons charges, not partying. If he was arrested for partying I’d be like tone it down! Now if he ran out to Mexico to buy guns that would be different.

  2. T.I. can party all he wants, but i’m sure he does know that he’s being watched just as hard as other celebrity rappers he may be in a club with.

    Only T.I. can take what he has coming to him should he get caught up in more mess in the streets.

  3. Like seriously , Tip is the man, he wasn’t arrested for partying too much. They need to let him live his life. Not to mention this is his lifestyle he;s a entertainer for crying out loud! LONG LIVE THE KING


  4. I feel like T.I. should go the Mike VIck route which is to shy away from the spotlight when being released form prison but that is easier said than done in the industry he is in. He has to make appearances like that in order to sell

  5. If he shies away from the spotlight he has o career….he is an entertainer and those appearances are justified. He knows what he shouldn’t and should do. Let him be a man and make his own decisions. Like he said no one says nothing about the positive stuff he does, only shines lite on what they feel is a bad look.give the man his space, let him party… What person u know get out a jail and don’t want to have a lil fun…he ain’t doing nothin wrong…the diddy/ciroc thing is all diddy…u can’t fault this man for something another grown man did…


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