T.I. Goes Independent Until a Major Label Comes Correct


The Big Homie T.I.P. is on his GRAND HUSTLE.




T.I. a brilliant businessman who seems to stay ahead of the business curve. He has music, movies, reality shows, and Akoo Clothing line just to name a few. He was on the Streetz 94.5 talking about his latest venture which includes going INDEPENDENT!


“I’m currently a FREE AGENT!”


T.I. is letting the major labels know what it will take to acquire his brand. He wants at least 8 digits before he’s willing to talk business. He is no longer in the business of nickeling and diming himself. He decided to do his own thing until the major labels see his value. If that aint BOSS man stuff!


Tip states the following:

“If you’re signing an artist of his magnitude you got t to look at it as a merger or an acquisition of a multi-media company”.

Tip goes on to say:

“I’m a multi-media company, I have six or seven different areas of businesses that I’m participating in revenue right now. Whether it’s the recording industry, publishing industry, touring, merchandising, film, television, fashion and technology. That’s eight areas of business right, currently that I’m generating streams of revenue from. So if you feel like you want to participate in all eight of those things, then its goings to cost you about $50 or $60 millions. But, if you only want one or two of those things, then come one to the table with $12 or $15 million and we can talk about that to. But, we ain’t going to talk about no 1′s or 2′s”.

Hustle Man is not just a name but a way of life for the big homie. We think T.I.P should open up a business class or do a business conference or SOMETHING!


Keep up the good works TIP!

What do you think about T.I. working as a FREE AGENT?

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Story via: Streetz 94.5.


  1. I RESPECT T.I for his direction to go independent. Even though, you have to invest your money into it it’s worth it when your able to do what you want. Especially with someone like T.I. C’mon now. Lol


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