T.I. Interview vs. Alfamega Interview



Recently, T.I. gave an interview discussing his new album, movies, Tiny, and dropping Alphamega from Grand Hustle.  Alphamega, the former muscle for TI and PSC, sat down and gave an interview responding to Tips interview with DJ envy. Allegedly Alfa was an informant, and once TI found out, during all the drama around that time in his life, he let him go.

T.I. stayed calm and collected, like my dude always is, and told it how it was in his opinion. He was looking out for his.

“Well you know what man, I can’t afford to be associated with that. That ain’t in my best interest. Either way it goes, they only thought about themselves. ‘Nevermind how it affects you, how it falls back on you, its all about me”. So if thats the take on it, I have no choice but to separate myself, and do whats best for me and mine…”

Alfamega had a lot more to say. To put it lightly, he is pissed.

“…This shit deeper than rap. This aint no motherfucking rap shit. And I’m pissed at you Tip. Bring that camera here. Shawty listen, on some real shit…nigga pissed at you cause you ‘posed to be a real nigga shawty. I gave you the title real nigga my nigga. I gave you the title. I muh’fukin gave you your look in the street my nigga. When you had the beef with Rick Ross…Carlos–Shawty Lo, I squashed that shit my nigga. I rode for you like it was my own beef…”

Click here to watch BOTH OF THE VIDEOS, and tell me what you think…


  1. this nigga is dealing in feelins!!!! not tips fault ya niggas willin to do any thing for a $ or some fame!!!!!!!!


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