T.I.’s Interviews With Larry King


T.I.’s first interview back from prison is with none other than the legendary Larry King. T.I. tells his story of being in prison, trying to explain his (admittedly wrong) mindset and paranoia at the time of his illegal purchase of firearms, and much more. Tip carried himself well, articulately describing what was going on in his head and answering some tough questions. He definitely looks like he is still on the road to redemption, as he is still putting in community service hours and trying to positively influence at-risk youth by sharing his experiences. It was a nearly hour-long, yet very engaging interview where T.I. also touched on his childhood around guns, drugs, his previous prison stint, and even a preview of his new movie Takers co-starring Zoe Saldana, Chris Brown and other. The interview also has its unintentional funny parts; look out for T.I. trying to hold his laughter in part 1 when Larry King says “Swagger Like Us” and the entire send off in part 3 where T.I. gets a little too urban for Larry King to understand. Definitely an interview you should absolutely take a look at if you got the time (parts 2 and 3 after the jump via yardie). 


  1. I think TI articulated himself very well in this interview. Larry King was asking some crazy ass questions, and sometimes can come across as being a little senile, but TI handled it very well. I am truly impressed.

  2. I just got a chance to view TI on larry king…he articulate well. And I agree with the last comment, some of those question Larry King asked were crazy. I’m so proud to see a rapper that knows how to balance himself, great job TI! Half of most rappers can rap but can’t interview well, it say a lot about who you are and how ppl perceive you! Again, great job!

  3. People don’t understand the hood unless they have been brought up in the hood. Like T.I said in other words, it is not so much of being a bad person, it’s to the point of having to take up for yourself. You don’t have to do anything to nobody, people hate for no reason. I have much respect for T.I. because everything he said was real talk. I think he is very good people and 100% real. Like my mom say when people talk about you, you must be doing something right. Life is living and learning from your mistakes. So keep your head up, which I know you will and may god bless you and your family to much more success and always remember life is beautiful.


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