T.I. & Tiny Host Alzheimer’s Luncheon for “For the Love of Our Fathers”


(10/3/2010)  T.I. and his  wife Tiny held a luncheon at Luckie Lounge in Atlanta for honorees of their “For the Love of Our Fathers” foundation, a charity that addresses the issue of the increased rate of Alzheimer’s in the African American community and the absence rate of victims receiving proper treatment for their illness. Tiny’s father – a founding member of the R&B group The Tams – suffers from the effects of the crippling disease, while T.I.’s father life relinquished as a result of this disease.

However, T.I. brings awareness and his legacy lives.  The  luncheon agenda  included Dr. Patrick A. Griffith, a member of the Division of Neurology Chief at Morehouse School of Medicine and the Community Alzheimer’s Advocate Tena S. Walker, and Sister 2 Sister Magazine editor Jamie Foster Brown as speakers.  The OMG Girlz and QT Jazz Guests performed. T.I. and Tiny are supported by many. Andrew Young,  Rasheeda, Kandi, and many more were there . For more information visit http://www.fortheloveofourfathers.org/ .

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9 responses to “T.I. & Tiny Host Alzheimer’s Luncheon for “For the Love of Our Fathers””

  1. misskroberts says:

    This is a very good thing that they are doing and I wish them well.
    However, I would like to know why Tiny always has to dress so tacky? I mean, your standing next to a man that loves and supports you and he’s all clean and dapper..why couldn’t she have classed it up a bit. You are hosting a meaningful event not a party at a nightclub.

  2. O please says:

    Tiny dresses how she wants to dress,she don’t give a damn about what WE/society thinks. Fuck trying to CONFORM..be yourself. Obviosuly T.I. dosn’t have a problem with it.

  3. Devante says:

    T.I is my favortie rap star at the moment. I love T.I`s hot rap songs and T.I`s music videos which are some of the best rap music videos around but he has got so much bad press recently after his recent arrest and so this hip hop music news story is excellent as it shows the other side to this rap superstar T.I. A caring compassionate side raising money and awareness for this charity.

  4. Kimmy says:

    I love time but he needs to get it together

  5. Chris says:

    yo fuck TI niggas gave him a chance

  6. Chris says:

    Tiny I love ya but you bring tip down. give the weed up

  7. #1 fan says:

    Everyone was dressed really nice,I Iove Tiny but I wish she would have worn something that covers her more,but I understand there is a lot of things against her,frist people like us that judge her and listen some of you are terrible.Then just about any woman walking around that knows t.i.p would try to get at him even some of her so called friends/ So she is trying to please us some what – keep her husband – and do her/Tiny will be alright. love you girl (blessedz10).

  8. Teresa says:

    I love Toya’s skirt,
    but Tiny seriously could have
    worn something more modest,
    you can still be sexy yet classy.
    That was an event for a good cause.

  9. OPP says:

    Love ya TIP hold ya head up

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