T.I. Took the Court at the Atlanta Hawks Home Opener


DSC_2394 My homie, rapper T.I., performed at the Atlanta Hawks home opener against the Indiana Pacers over the weekend.  The Grammy-winning rapper took the court before the game, during halftime and after the final buzzer Saturday night at Philips Arena. He recently released his ninth album, “Paperwork,” which claimed the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts this week.

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I had a great time watching the home team beat the Indiana Pacers.  They rolled out the red carpet for ya boy at the game!  The Hawks definitely look out for press. The food in the green room was so damn good … Anyway back to the story.

This was The King’s first big concert in ATL since his new album, “Paperwork”, was released. Everyone was in the building, including former president, Jimmy Carter.


DSC_2542Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed was in the building supporting the Hawks court side.



Tiny, Tip, Todd, and Kandi posed for a picture.


Also in the building was my homie Young Thug who’s also working on some big things.  He has a new album in the works and a cell phone case line.


Former president Jimmy Carter was court side.


Huge congrats to my homie Ryan Cameron for being inducted into Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.


Atlanta fans had their first look at more than a slightly tweaked Hawks roster, a new court, a new high-definition scoreboard, new sound system and new uniforms.

The Hawks whopped the Pacers A$$ Saturday night in the season home opener and came away with a 102-92 victory.

Check out all the pictures below:

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DSC_2132 DSC_2133 DSC_2138 DSC_2144 DSC_2146 DSC_2151 DSC_2158 DSC_2163 DSC_2167 DSC_2168 DSC_2172 DSC_2178 DSC_2184 DSC_2192 DSC_2200 DSC_2201 DSC_2210 DSC_2234
DSC_2259 DSC_2263
DSC_2274 DSC_2275 DSC_2276 DSC_2285 DSC_2286 DSC_2291
DSC_2301 DSC_2307 DSC_2309DSC_2347 DSC_2362
DSC_2381 DSC_2383 DSC_2391
DSC_2396 DSC_2410 DSC_2421
DSC_2430 DSC_2436
DSC_2446 DSC_2453 DSC_2457 DSC_2458 DSC_2462 DSC_2464 DSC_2468 DSC_2473 DSC_2477 DSC_2482 DSC_2484 DSC_2492 DSC_2495 DSC_2508 DSC_2515 DSC_2520 DSC_2528 DSC_2534
DSC_2544 DSC_2549 DSC_2552 DSC_2554 DSC_2563 DSC_2566 DSC_2568 DSC_2575 DSC_2583
DSC_2591 DSC_2594 DSC_2595 DSC_2597 DSC_2599 DSC_2602 DSC_2282 DSC_2628 DSC_2636DSC_2638 DSC_2639 DSC_2612 DSC_2619 DSC_2623 DSC_2624 DSC_2629 DSC_2633DSC_2643

The Hawks are off to a good start on the season.  Glad to see the homie T.I. perform this weekend.  What do you think of the new album?
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