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the-game-final-seasonOn tonights final (Aug 5) episode of The Game not only are Melanie and Derwin back in town, but they are there to announce that they are pregnant…. with TWINS! Pookie accidentally shoots Rick Fox. Malik proposes to Kiera and Jason and Kelly turn to desperate measures to ensure that Jason keeps his position as head coach. READ MORE

Brandy’s Role In B.E.T’s ‘The Game’ REVEALED

We recently told you that Brandy will be one of the new faces to the new season of B.E.T’s ‘The Game’ and we finally have the deeds on who her character will be. The promo for the new season have been underway for weeks and fans around the world are in heavy anticipation for how the show will pick back up. Brandy will happen to play a love interest on the show…check inside to see who she will be getting close with this season. READ MORE

Sneak Peak Of Season 5 Of ‘The Game’

While we all patiently wait for January 2012 for Season 5 of The Game to start, BET has blessed us with a sneak preview. Things seem like they are going to get even wilder on the upcoming season. Tasha Mack is still ghetto and exploring her sex life while there appear to be problems between Malik and Derwin. On the other hand, we see singer Brandy making a small appearance in the sneak preview as well as Jason Pitts still tries to use his celebrity to the best of his advantage. Check the sneak preview inside. READ MORE