Tales Of The Homeless: Tanisha Harding


Tales of the Homeless is a journey through the slums of the United States. We are telling the story of the overlooked people who have no money, jobs, or shelter. These individuals are ignored by society due to their circumstances, and do what they must to survive. You will witness real confessions by real people; no actors, just unscripted truth. By doing these videos, we hope to bring new light to these forgotten souls.

This is the story of Tanisha Harding. She is a 52 year old woman living under the West End bridge in Atlanta, Ga. Listen to her story. Learn from her life.

Please tell me what yall think.

Stay tuned for other installments of Tales of the Homeless.

30 responses to “Tales Of The Homeless: Tanisha Harding”

  1. LAYLA says:

    Freddy if you are so concerned about homeless people, you should team up with some type of foundation that is willing to help these people out, otherwise why even bother to exploit them on your site?

  2. victim says:

    altough i do have an idea of what your trying to do here… the underlying fact is that your exploiting them!!

  3. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    @FreddyO — You are giving voice, if NOT NOW reminding us to listen to those who, WE NOW find ourselves – “ONLY-ONE paycheck”, “bad-accident”, “catastrophic-incident” and “health-issue” from being in SAID-CIRCUMSTANCE!

    Freddy, to be totally honest, I OVERLOOK, and disregard such individuals! …And there, but for the grace of god, go I !

    You’re doing a GREAT-THING, FreddyO; may God bless and keep YOU in HIS better-graces!!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

  4. Tsha says:

    Im with the above post, is Ms Tenisha no longer gonna be homeless after you exploiting her?

  5. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    @Victim, @Layla

    …..And at ANYONE else who NOW questions Freddy’s…..motives. I NOW invite you to go into the FreddyO archives and look; carefully look for the story Freddy did regarding a public park in Atl that harbors much…..despicable, undesired and reprehensible-happenings!

    But where were Y’ALL’s moral-outcries THEN? ….The “morality-police” was on a doughnut-break?

    There were NONE-such cries of “foul-play” against Freddy!! Freddy ‘cast-a-light’ on THAT which we chose NOT to see – it’s ugliness, obviously, just too painful-to-bear!

    So now; here we are: a-NEW-YEAR, a-NEW-DECADE and we’ve ALL grown-accustomed with the New-Normal – the NOW increased unemployment rate(s).

    FreddyO is reminding US, that NO! This IS NOT NORMAL – it IS a moral-outrage!!

    I have NO-DOUBT that – those who NOW protest – are Sandra Rose’s supporters/followers/slaves who NOW realize FreddyO is passing HER in Web HITS – We should thank god for THESE “little-blessings!”

  6. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    Ahhh….the chorus of “moral-outrage” begins….

    Let me cast my own light – during this past holiday season, weren’t celebrities/starts in Atl, if NOT across the United States going to the local homeless shelters, food-banks and the likes and handing out dinners? Weren’t the media(print and television), paparazzi and blogger’s closely following?

    But where were YOU ‘Tsha’, ‘Victim’ and ‘Layla?’ Wasn’t the aforementioned explicit and vulgar cases of …”EXPLOITATION?” But YOU NOW Choose to “speak-up?”

    I’m NOW convinced that you, ‘Tsha,’ ‘Victim,’ and ‘Layla’ are Sandra Rose groupies, doing her bidding, in an attempt to undermine FreddyO, and HIS “come-up” in the blogosphere!

  7. tavia says:

    I think its a great idea that your doing this. Although some may feel that your exploiting them, I disagree. The truth of the matter is a lot of homeless people as you have demonstrated are hopeless..this lady obviously does not want the help..there is help out there but how many of them actually take advantage?? what keeps this lady going everyday is dope?? come one..she’s exploiting herself..if her won family cant help her who will?? I think its a great idea…keep doing it 🙂

  8. Fresh says:

    I disagree about you exploiting them! People fail to understand how homeless people ended up homeless and why they continue to be homeless. Everyone has a story….why not let theirs be heard?

  9. prettylady says:

    I also think it is a good idea what you are doing, it not only gives them a voice but it also shows our youth how making bad choices can change your life. We have many younger girls and boys whom are getting so caught up in movies and music not looking at the big picture about their future. Time goes by very fast we have all said, ” it seems like yesterday i was 21 now am 25″ . I am pretty sure it seems like it was just 1987 to her and she never would have thought she would still be in this situation or maybe she did i can not say but this should let people know, not to take life forgranted.


  10. LAYLA says:

    @ x,y, x, you need to take a sedative or a tranqulizer and calm the hell down before you have a stroke. I have no idea what Freddy O does for the community, he asked for people to comment on his story and I did. Who am I to knock him if he is doing something good for anyone that is less fortunate, I commend him for that. However he is a celebrity blogger, and this story is going in a total different direction from what his blog is about., this is why I questioned whether or not these people were being exploited. And for the record I am not a Sandra Rose supporter don’t get it twisted! I personally like Freddy’s site and come here all the time.

  11. Tony says:

    Keep up the good work, FreddyO.

  12. victim says:

    X,Y and Z aint nobody but freddyo trying to defend himself!

  13. Nane says:

    This segment is compelling and REAL! I don’t think you are exploiting them but revealing the reality of their differing circumstances to the world.

    While most people choose to remain blind, you are making it plainly real that people who were once considered “ordinary” by society could end up in the hard knocks living on the streets and under bridges.

  14. bels says:

    at the end of the day, you can’t please them all. as long as your work is being done with good intentions, then do your thing! if this is exploitation, then us as a society should yell EXPLOITATION every time we see images of unfortunate individuals, naked ladies, drug-addicted celebrities, etc. uuugghhh….some people always got to hate on everything! get a life.

    videos like this should show us: 1) how life could be 2)how we need to make positive moves so that we will not end up in this predicament (that is..if you are striving to live a different lifestyle) 3)what can we do to help a family member or stranger in this situation…so on and so forth.

    who knows? this video could get some of yall lazy asses off the couch and get up, get out, and DO SOMETHING…like hit the streets with freddy and HELP THE HOMELESS!!!!

    freddyO, holla at me if you ever want to take this project to the next level by handing out some food, clothing, or toiletries. my girls, Da B.R.O.A.D.S and i will be more than willing to assist you.

    be blessed!

  15. sad says:

    freddyo keep doing this i just might see my cuz who i been looking for..she went to atl 14 years years ago for job corp to get away from her step dad who was molesting her………..but we heard she was hooking and on crack bad but one thing i can say she never call home for nothing outta them 14 years she been gone…she should be 31 now.i pray everyday that she would just call and say she’s ok because i just wanted to tell her even tho her mother just look pass that bullshit he was doing talking about she will put a lock on her door to keep him out what kinda mother would tell their child that shit i don’t even talk to my antie…i wanted to tell her we didn’t and that sick muthafucker on his last leg with cancer and god is putting his ass in so much pain he wish he was dead..and i also wanted to tell her our grandma pass last year.i pray everyday that she would just come home but i know she wont long as he’s living she said that and she been living by her words.

  16. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    @Layla — Now I recognize you, you’re in one of Freddy’s “Come get your daughter pictures,” right?

  17. Mrs. Cosby says:

    I think that it is a good thing for you to spotlight the homeless. For those who obviously did not watch the entire video, Ms. Tanisha is homeless because of her drug use. I hate to be the one to say it, but some people you can’t change. If that is what they want for their lives, you can’t do anything to change that or them. Not all homeless people are homeless because they drink, or do drugs. Some people turly can’t help their situations. I do not think that Freddy O is exploiting anyone! Think about it people, if he gave her any money, I’m positive that she spent it on drugs, so honestly, how can you help a person like that? While so many of you have opinions, I’m sure that you are the main ones passing homeless people on the streets daily. So before you judge, put yourself in that person’s shoes and ask yourself what would you do. If you aren’t helping the problem, you are part of the problem. Be blessed and Happy New Year!!!

  18. coco1987 says:


  19. coco1987 says:

    I misspelled a couple things but you get what im saying … this is soooo sad

  20. l says:

    What a sad story..It’s pretty cold outside and I know that wind is whipping mighty hard under that bridge. There is only one way to sobriety and peace in our lives. I know her kids are ashamed and angry about her situation and I hope they find peace, too..maybe oneday she’ll give it up.SAD..

  21. JoFLow says:

    One of my favorite quotes about mistakes. QUOTE: It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others END QUOTE Let it simmer. Think about it….. Just a little something for all those nonbelievers who feel a person’s testimony is not POWERFUL enough to stand on its own. I guess it must be accompanied by gifts money, etc.

  22. Maria F says:

    Thanks for sharing her story, and the others to come. My son has a friend that’s homeless by choice. He is mentally ill and refuses help. My son offered him a place to sleep but he refused, instead he drops by, uses the shower, and is on his way. For those that truly want help, I pray they get it. As for Tanisha, I think she needs rehab to get off the drugs, and then a fresh start. Hopefully ATL has services that can help her get her life back on track and back with her family. God bless…

  23. Maria F says:

    BTW… I stopped visiting SRose awhile back, just too negative…

  24. Souljagir says:

    Freddy, good deed I know you mean well by interviewing these people. I am not sure what to say as she looks and reminds me of my biological mom who has Full blown Aids. There’s no telling when she got it but apparently she has it and it hurt my heart. It’s like they’re walking dead….there’s no sign of remorse or rehabilitation they’re just gone…..no remanence of what used to be a healthy, vibrant person. Fortunately I was adopted but I never got the chance to talk to my real mom because she was always so High she couldn’t get it together to have a conversation; her responses were short and too the point like the woman you filmed. They need a voice but what should we do for them.

  25. LAYLA says:

    @ x,y,z

    Actually that was your momma!

  26. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    Now Layla, THAT was NOT nice…tisk-tisk-tisk ….Sick and stones, Layla, sticks and stones…


  28. sad says:

    charles is some else but how can you talk about her charles when in fact you are a dl gay marine tell that fool

  29. TreMarie says:

    This was heavy. I dont think you were exploiting this woman at all. You were showing the real truth to alot of peoples situation. I heard very valid questions and no one was joking or playing. Keeps this up. I showed my little cousins and they are getting a glimpse at how your life can turn on you so fast you cant and dont want to get a handle on it. Much success and people dont be hurt about what this young man is doing if your not doing the things you yourself are suggesting he do..,

  30. Sunkissed404 says:

    Dear Freddy O,

    This is the first time I have ever bothered to leave a comment on your page. I can tell you have a big heart, just like mine. I loooove that you are spotlighting the ppl in West End. Sometimes, just knowing that some one cares enough to hear your story makes the biggest and best difference. I have been on Lee Street plenty of days and sometimes wonder, how the people out there wound up on the street. Where did they go wrong.

    I feel some kind of way about the people above me who call this Exploitation….Are you serious?? If this is exploitation, then you need to go ahead and add talk shows to that list (Yes…that does include Oprah) and any other reality television, which…portrays a misrepresentation of the people anyway.. Why not get the real deal?? Keep up the good work and regardless of the fact that you got a few haters scoping out your page….You still gotem talking; )

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