Tameka Foster Goes In On Chili!



You may have seen Vh1’s Behind The Music on last week (July17) where Usher explained his rise to super stardom, and his relationships with his mom and dad, his label, Chili, and Tameka and the kids. Sources say after the airing of the show, Chilis segment and personal accounts of Usher caused Tameka to sound off via Twitter. Of course people were wondering why Tameka didn’t get an interview for the show.

Well Tameka tweeted,

“I hv no reason 2 be jealous or bitter I have “what she wants”. Be clear abt this. I DECLINED to speak yet she was so anxious to. Go figure”.

At this time the tweets have been deleted, but she also said,

“So was 250 other GIRLfriends of his…they all were important and he ‘loved” them all. she’s delusional and doesnt matter. I dont care abt her”

But I will say Chili did seem rather anxious like she had a story to tell, or to set the record straight. I don’t know, but Usher seemed to be going a little crazy when he was with Tameka…I think Chili was a better fit. But I’m just the messenger. If you saw the interview of Usher of Vh1, what do you think?


  1. Tameka is so freaking pressed and chilli got the whore stuck in her feelings because if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have been acting like a twitter gangsta.

  2. It does seem like Usher wasn’t himself when he was w/Tomeka. She is washed, jus play ur position boo and be mama to those boys…..Usher and Chili both need to stop frontin and make it happen…..

  3. I’m sure Chilli is up at night wishing she was Usher’s EX-wife! Whatever Tameka needs to sit her behind down.

  4. He should have stayed with chili.Tameka look like a man and been ran all through with them 5 kids.Smh

  5. Tomeka is just jealous of Chili. She wish Usher had the same luv that he shared with Chili with her. I doubt Chili is jealous of the fact that Tomeka has kids with Usher. Tomeka is an ugly, jealous tramp that tricked Usher into having kids b/c she thought that would keep him. I hope that one day Chili can forgive Usher for cheating on her and they get back together b/c they were Beautiful Together. Whenever Usher speaks of Chili there’s a certin Glow in his eyes. I can tell he still luv her and she luv him.

  6. I think Tameka and Chili are both dillusional. They are both bitter bitches! Usher is hoeish, Chili is just desperate for any man,and Tameka is a wanna-be industry hoe who won in the end! Usher is a dumb ass. If I was Tameka I wouldnt get my damn name changed! Holla

  7. Tameka is a silly olde Bitch on Twitter all day long. She needs to be taking care of those ugly ass boys of hers and Chilli you are not over faggot ass Usher yet? By the way your show SUCKS!

  8. @TEERI First of all Temaka kids with Usher and her ex are no way shape or form ugly,so you dumb bitch check yourself.As for Chilli girl move the fuck on cause Usher dosn’t want your ass!!!

  9. Tameka is the worst. What did she have to go in on Chili for…..she is a mad bitter whore. She doesn’t have what Chili wants….Usher is gone boo…..lmao!

  10. Wow, to talk about somebody’s kids being ugly is over the top. You should never do that. I think they both (Tameka and Chilli) need to move on. Tameka needs to leave twitter alone because it is making her look bad. Chilli, yea whatever.

  11. Why is she hatin on Chilli like that it seems she’s the one with a problem. It’s a shame let it go how long has it been WOW!LOL!

  12. Chilli and her baby hairz needs to STFD, it didn’t work with Ben Vereen jr. then and it won’t work NOW. Tameka needs to quit twitter and focus on her kids (as she tweets so damn much).

    Both of them are losers for arguing indirectly over a bell pepper nosed monchichi anyway.

  13. Honestly I think Usher would still be with her if it was for YALL HATIN ASS MOFOS. He was acting like that because people was doggin his WIFE! Thats wat any man would do. If you watched Chilli’s show then you know EXACTLY why he left her ass in the dust. High maintanence ass spotlight craving ass washed up ass rnb chick. Naw…Im not gonna go in cuz I like Chilli. But really…I think Ursh is still fuckin Tameka on the low low. Chilli is the girl everyone else wanted Usher to be with…but Tameka is the girl he wanted. No denying that fact!

  14. LOL are you serious Tameka? Why are you even posting comments on twitter? That just shows that you are salty that you and Usher are not together cause if you wasnt you wouldnt even be faded by the show. Everyone knows that Chili and Usher belong together, she was Ushers first love and he will always love her. Be a woman and want the best for him and move on. I really hope Usher and Chili get back together.

  15. Tameka needs to sit down because she is NOT Mrs. Usher Raymond so who would be jealous over being an ex-wife…blank stares…I think Tameka is still bitter and very angry because despite chili and usher rocky past their is still love there and understanding, even his mom speaks highly of Chili but not Tameka. At the end of the day I think Tameka was just a knee jerk reaction on Usher’s part, not really true love. Chili is still a major part of Usher’s life while Tameka is just the road bump and the mother of his children, nothing more nothing less


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