Tameka Foster Raymond Done Got Extra Extra Fine



OMG Tameka Foster-Raymond still got and can get it from the looks of these pictures from who ever she want’s. My homie Tameka recently did a shoot for a National Health/Fitness publication and sent our homies over at Concreteloop the pic’s. Yall have to give it to her Tameka, has a total of 5 children, including two young sons with Usher and looks better than she ever has. She has been working really hard to get her mind and body right and has made a lot of changes inside and out and boi is it showing. She is currently heading the non-profit The Lost Ones Foundation, which serves as a motivational group for teenage girls.


  1. I aint Gay or nothin but that dude is kinda cute. Gohead homeboy..huh..hell no ..thats a woman.GTFOH


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