Tameka Foster Raymond & Ryan Glover Son Kyle Has Died


Sad news the 11-year-old son of my homie Tameka Foster Raymond, passed away this morning from injuries he suffered in a tragic jetski accident in Georgia earlier this month .

Doctors removed 11-year-old Kyle Glover from life support after it was determined the injuries were too severe to overcome. TMZ reports Kyle’s mother, Tameka and his father Ryan Glover, struggled tremendously with the decision to pull the plug, so please keep them both in your prayers.

According to our sources, Tameka is understandably devastated. I know Tameka is a strong women and God will help her and their family threw this. GlobalGrind reports rather than morn the life lost lets honor him by looking at the things he has done in his few years…

Kile was born in Atlanta to Tameka and Ryan Glover. Kile’s father is currently serving as the president of the new black digital network Bounce TV, and before that served as an executive for Peachtree TV, an independent Atlanta television station and is such a cool guy and great dad.

Kile graduated elementary school in May, where he won medals for academic achievement the kid was extra smart. Kile has a love for art, cooking and academics.

When he was six, his parents divorced, but soon after Usher came into his life when Tameka married him. Like his stepfather Usher, Kile also enjoys singing. Kile often showed off his personality on his YouTube Channel with his show, “The Kile Show.”

In 2010, Tameka wrote a Mother’s Day blog for GlobalGrind where she described Kile as “an artisan.” She continued, “He’s Andy Warhol meets Bill Gates coupled with Justin Bieber and infused with Emeril.”

Kile Glover is the third eldest of Tameka’s five children.

Back in December Kile posted a video to his YouTube channel, TheKileShowIsBack titled “Countdown to Christmas – 7 Days” that has garnered over 120,000 views. Check out the video below…

Kyle was injured on July 8 as he was riding in an inner tube that was connected to a pontoon in Lake Lanier. According to authorities, a family friend who was riding a jetski behind the pontoon lost control and collided with Glover’s tube. So sad please people be safe on the water.

The accident is currently under investigation.


  1. Today and everyday please hung our kids and tell them we love them, cause today tomorrow is not promise to us. As a mother my heart go’s out to Tameka and her family.

  2. This is so sad!!!! God needed another Angel so he chose Kile!!! I am praying for the families because that’s what they need right now!!!

  3. Your prayers didn’t help save the boy and they won’t help her get through this any easier, so put your energy to better use. When will you learn? Never I’m sure…..

  4. Regardless how it looks and what people say god knows
    What’s best.Now is the time to pray that the family stays
    Strong and lean on each other.God has his hands on them.

  5. My heart just melted when I heard this.. Can not even begin to Imagine the Lost of a Child.. RIP Kile..

  6. My Heart goes out’ to all the Family of that baby aka Kile’ especially his Mama Tameka’ May God give her the Strength through this terrible ordeal…RIP KILE..Forever you will remain an Angel..

  7. please tell me, have you heard from maurice alexander foster? this is his ex gf suzie. have him call me. he did not leave me a number to call him back. i wish him well. i have his identification card. this is urgent.


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