Tameka Raymond Honored With A Lifetime Achievement Award



(11/2/2010) Tameka Raymond is more than the ex-wife of Usher. She is business savvy and you can say what you want but she was recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Art Institute of Atlanta’s Passion for Fashion Scholarship Event for her contributions to the fashion and entrepreneur industries. Many people do not know that Tameka attended Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and went on to work in buying offices and before she started styling for celebrities. Tameka is now a proud owner and buyer for her two boutiques, Estella and Estella Home, located in Roswell, Georgia in addition to running her foundation Lost Ones and being a mother to her 5 boys. Click to see photographs below are of Tameka and a designer and student at Art Institute of Atlanta and with her adorable son Ryan.
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  1. Educated. No. Lifetime achievement award? For what? Having 5 kids by 3 different men. Please. I wish her well, but receiving a lifetime achievement award is a really a joke.

  2. Tameka knows that Usher is the one who helped her to get this award.
    She should give him his props.
    And ok she is more than the woman that Usher USED AS UTERUS to give him what Chilli refused to give him. But before Usher she was known as Tameka Foster not as Tameka Glover.
    She is keeping Usher’s name publicy just for publicity .
    Her son is a criminal and she went to jail too…and now she looks like a depressed woman on twitter
    the only things that she did well in her boring life was being there at the right place at the right moment and using Usher’s sadness to control him.
    Now she is the one who is depressed annd crying for help on twitter instead of taking care of her sons

  3. What’s the story with her oldest kid, the one she had as a teenager. She always says that her second born is the oldest. She’s a mess.


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