Taraji P. Henson Fires Back At 50Cent For His Comments About Empire


Taraji P Henson

So recently 50 Cent made it known that he was not feeling the way in which Taraji’s new show Empire was being marketed in that he felt as though it was to close to his already popular show Power. Well the numbers are in and Empire is the highest rated opener for FOX since 2012. Click MORE to see what Taraji had to say about 50’s comments.


  1. Cmon you must give credit when it is due!! I am a HUGE fan of the movie Power. Power has a great cast of actors with the genuine passion that is needed to carry out ” Street Role”. I can honestly see why 50 is on it because for some odd reason Empire has a similar appeal!! no shade intended, but I can see the deja vu in the dynamics maybe a different storyline but somebody wasn’t very creative. Not to mention Terrence Howard inability to deliver a gangsta/drug dealer.
    that murder scene was hideous and I was not convinced, of course Taraji is gonna deliver but now the rest hmmm….
    I say cancel Empire add TH a character in the storyline of Power and lets go #2ndSeasonPower #SassyMSaidIt #SOTSMc


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