Taraji P Henson Shouts Out Our “Lil Cookie” Jasmin Alyse!


We had the opportunity to support a dope black history month campaign starring child stars Actress Jaylin Simone, 11 and her sister Actress Jasmin Alyse, 6. Little Jasmin got the attention of Taraji P Henson in her dope recreation of Taraji’s infamous and highly loved character “Cookie Lyon”.

Check out the details below.


The young actresses on the rise, decided to pay homage to the women who keep them dreaming and working towards their goals of stardom with a black actress inspired pictorial recreation. It was a true dream come true for Taraji P Henson to take notice. Thanks to the Taraji’s celebrity the photo and movement celebrating African-American actresses from the past and present is being seen by so many people.

Jaylin Simone had the following to say about their black history month project,

“We like to create projects and we decided we wanted to stand in the shoes of veteran black actresses. We want to someday be where they are so we began pulling pictures of women we admire. Our parents called some friends to help us and once we got past the scheduling issues we had a project on our hands.”

Check out the entire campaign by visiting the Rutledge Sister’s Tribute here.


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