Taraji P. Henson Is Just An “Around The Way Girl” & She Explains Why In Her Highly Anticipated Memoir!



For all writers and lovers of 45 year old, Taraji P. Henson in all that she is, the news of her releasing a memoir is heaven on earth. I’m literally ecstatic to write this post on this lovely goddess. She is motivational in many more ways then one and she just announce her memoir called, “Around The Way Girl”, will officially drop in October but pre-ordering is available, right now!


Now, I know the majority of people know Taraji by playing the infamous “Cookie” on the television series “Empire” but I’m here to inform you that Taraji has been a great actress since forever. If you’ve never seen one of my favorite movies “Baby Boy“, then you need to go watch and realize that this wonan has been talented before everyone started to give her the credit that she deserved. She’s also played in many other great movies. I can only imagine what she will enlightened us on in her memoir, everyone should definitely make that purchase.


Taraji is the epitome of a strong, dedicated, intelligent, and beautiful African-American woman who understands that her success is bigger than her. With that recognition alone, it’s hard not to admire her every move. No one is perfect and she makes it clear in the most humble and grateful ways that she is here for as long as God would like to use her.

In a nutshell, her memoir will be phenomenal hands down and for people like me it’s even more inspiration to get my memoir up and moving. No matter how hard it gets, we all have to keep going and there are no limits on your talent so keep challenging yourself!

If I were you, I would make that pre-order purchase. Thank you Taraji for blessing us with your wisdom!



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