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[Teaser Trailer] Deadpool 2 Starring Ryan Reynolds (2018)

Star Ryan Reynolds  posted the clip on YouTube. His character, Wade Wilson, encounters a man getting mugged. Like Superman, he jumps into a phone booth to change into his Deadpool suit–but…well, watch the video to see how it turns out. Stan Lee even shows up.

The trailer also references “Nathan Summers,” which is a reference to Cable, who has been heavily teased for the sequel. Recently, a report claimed Stranger Things actor David Harbour might play him. However, this trailer shows a poster for Firefly, so could it be Nathan Fillion?

Avatar actor Stephen Lang said last year that he would like to play the part.

As for Deadpool 2’s release date, the trailer jokes that the movie is “coming…not soon enough.” On a more serious note, Fox currently has two slots allocated for upcoming X-Men movies, in 2018 and 2019. One is thought to be Deadpool 2, the other possibly New Mutants.

Deadpool 2 is set to be directed by John Wick’s David Leitch, who replaces the first film’s director, Tim Miller, who dropped out over reported creative differences with Reynolds.

This Deadpool 2 teaser runs before Logan, which is in theaters now.

What do you make of this first Deadpool 2 teaser?

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