Tees & Quotes featured on the Season Finale Episode of Braxton: Family Values



Shout out to my home girls The Braxton sisters for their continued support of Tees & Quotes. If you watched the season finale of the Braxton Family Values you will see the girls hanging out at our very own Tees & Quotes.

In addition to the girls hanging out at Tees & Quotes we had the privilege to create special t-shirts for Tamar’s baby shower.


We love the fact that the Braxtons are Atlanta girls just as much as Baltimore and L.A. girls. We hope our home girl Toni Braxton decides to come back to Atlanta. Toni you know Atlanta is a great city for raising your family. It’s a city full of good people who love and adore you.


Have you been by our Tees & Quotes boutique?


If you have not come by you are missing out on a treat. We have the best art work, jewelry, and specialty tees in Atlanta!

Make your way to Tees & Quotes today!

Special thanks to our friends over at Bravo for the opportunity to work with my home girls Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar.

Did you like the tees that Tamar used at her baby shower?

Congrats to Tamar and Vince on their baby boy!

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