Tell-All Book To Be Written About Tyler Perry


I know Tyler not happy to hear about this new book coming out about his life, and how he never would have made it if?

Just when we thought the tell all book genre was only for video vixens trying to expose rappers we get introduced to Melvin Childs, a former business partner of Tyler Perry’s who is planning to write a tell all book entitled ‘Never Would Have Made It’.

The book will be about how he discovered Tyler and how he was ultimately betrayed by him.

Check inside for a snippet of a chapter and a video trailer for the upcoming book.

Here is this snippet from Chapter 2 entitled Just Act Normal:

Producer Promoter Melvin Childs describes his disappointment after seeing Tyler Perry again for the first time years after the abrupt and painful parting of the ways.

“That night was a turning point for me. Until that night, I had defended Tyler to anyone close enough to me to know the true story. I’m talking about the truth; not the spin he puts out on Oprah or the half-truth you can read on his website. I’m talking about the real story of how he went from being a failed playwright performing in churches for fifty people, to being Tyler Perry. I’m talking about the time in the beginning when I had lost my job and would take money from my wife and send it to Tyler to help pay his bills. I know what happened because I was there and, what’s more important, Tyler knows I was there.

His words, “Melvin here was my first promoter,” rolled around in my mind as I got closer and closer to home.

The more I thought about it, the more it started to piss me off. Was I just a promoter when you came to me for a loan because you didn’t have the money to pay your cast? Was I just a promoter when you called me to borrow money to buy food or when I personally paid for the hotel you were living in while you were supposedly homeless? Maybe I was and if that’s the case, then so be it. But guess what? Regardless of what he wants to call me, I was there. And because I was there, I also have a story to tell.

Check the video trailer below:

What are your thoughts on the chapter snippet? Will you be copping the book once it’s released? I can only imagine what Tyler is thinking right now. This is crazy!!!

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  1. One more thing within your post, he isn’t planning on writing it, it is already written. 🙂 just a heads up.

  2. Apparently there was “Clearly” something else going on between those two besides “CLIENT AND PROMOTER’, is that part of their relationship in his “Tell All Book”??? We all know that Tyler Perry has a history of being with “Men” enough said.


  4. I wouldn’t pick up this book if it was the last piece of paper in the world and I needed toilet paper to wipe my A**. He’s talking about betrayal? I guess an eye for an eye is the motto he lives by. There is nothing but pure envy, hatred and slandering in the tone and content of the little bit of snippet they posed and if that’s what the book is about I’ll rather wipe my a** with my money verses spending it on anything to support this loser. Great way to show the world your character as a man, PLAIN LOSER. Like someone said I hope Tyler Perry is ready for your hatin a**. Get a life, grow some balls and take your dumb book to hell with you. I’m thinking this bum is going to talk about how he is actually the creative one and for all these years it’s him that’s been the mastermind behind everything. Oh no, he’s whining about how he’s not getting any checks for doing nothing.

  5. SMH What’s this guy want with Tyler Perry? For Tyler to put up a billboard in his honor?! Either he was a FRIEND to Tyler or he wasn’t. If it was actually about business, they should have put it on paper.
    I hate when people CRY over spilled milk.

  6. Melvin put his family out there for Tyler, that’s who he is…you may ask how do I know; well I am part of his family and know some of what he went through to get Tyler started….No contract; well I guess that was his fault for trusting “a friend”…this is a good “man”, not perfect by no means, but he will give you his last dollar, which he did for Tyler. What a great friend Tyler is/was….thanks alot!!!!

  7. Is there a part in the book that explais when and how Tyler put the gun up to Melvin’s head and made him give the money?

    I thought when you help someone, especially if they’re your friend… you do it for their benefit, not so that you can gain from their success.

    I’d bet if Tyler had wrote ole’ boy a check… we’d never be hearing about this book.

    got shame?


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