Terrell Carter Is Back With A New Life, New Play, & CD


Terrell Carter

This past weekend Singer/Actor Terrell Carter provided his fans with a real treat! I know yall might be like who the hell is he but he is the guy from Tyler Perry, plays and movies that be singing his butt off.

He recently had a listening party for his latest cd FINALLY at Room Service Lounge. The place was packed; Terrell arrived and greeted each of his fans with smiles, autographs and plenty of pics. The show also included a special performance by R & B Artist Dawane Wilson as well as Trevon Davis from BET’s Sunday Best. Davis is currently in ATL performing in DREAMGIRLS at the Fox Theater. Here are all the pic’s..


The night was filled with surprises; Terrell sung the title track from his cd “FINALLY” and had the crowd up on their feet. This track really demonstrates this brother’s tremendous vocal skill. The night included a special appearance by vocalist Nicci Gilbert of the signing group BROWNSTONE. Nicci, also brought her cast of her upcoming stage play, SOUL KITTENS CABARET, which she wrote and directed. Soul Kittens also stars Terrell Carter along with Fantasia, Faith Evans, Chrystale Wilson, Tondy Gallant, Sarallison Duke and Miss Sophia. You can pick up the DVD of Soul Kittens Cabaret at your local Walmart and other retailers on 1/11/11. I’ve seen previews and its going to be HOT! Speaking out HOT…don’t forget to pick up a copy of Terrell’s new CD FINALLY at his website.


  1. @ DRE, yes they were posted of him and a Latin looking man. I think the guy was upset about the break-up and outed him.


  3. Terrell maybe fine but he is GAY so ladies don’t get to excited, he like the same thing we like. He can sing but I can careless if he makes a comeback bcuz a person who has to lie about what who he really is and prefer is no man in my book!

  4. Oh yeah and he might be sexy bcuz he works out but he doesn’t look the same in the face, I hope he don’t have the package bcuz being confused or playing both fields meaning being with both men and women would get you all crossed up and sick.

  5. LOL THIS NIGGA GAY bitches talkn bout fine…lol ok go ahead and get AIDS fuckn wit this doodoo chaser. He take dick and suck dick so. what kinda woman are you if youd fuck with him…shame shame shame..so go ahead and fuck him and watch the HIV rate in black america continue to lead the nation.

  6. Let him do his thing. We are all human beings in the eyes of The Creator. Yes he was outed but what does that have to do with his God given talent. He has perservered and came back stronger, wiser and better.

    I think people in this day and age need to grow up and be real and stop all this bullying…that is probably a reason TC didn’t feel like sharing his life due to the negative feedback from the masses of his own African American community. And we wonder why we are still behind in alot of areas.

    Let’s try to uplift our community and not bring them down.

  7. Black folk are the worst! Its hard enough for a black man to get ahead and They find any way they can to pull him down. So stupid how we sit behind our computers and pass judgement about things that we really don’t know what the truth is or should even care. Whatever the case, why does it matter I don’t care what some one who I will never be with anyway does in their personal life… Get a clue people… Life goes on obviously cuz this brother is doing just that!

  8. Whats stupid is that people talking about fuckin this kat and all that. Honestly I never heard him say anything about any thing woman or man or having sex with anyone.. Thats stupid This guy gives one thing to people who want to listen and thats talent… Thats all that I’m concerned about. So No Daddy NOOOOO you are just a fuckin idiot

  9. I love this Guy he really can sing. He never left. I saw him in about 5 plays and have all his music. His site is Terrellmusic.com Great talent.


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