Terrell Owens No Longer A Seahawk


Terrell Owens has learned today that he has been cut from the Seattle Seahawks. Owens tweeted that his relationship with the Seahawks has ended. The Seahawks needed to reduce their roster from 90 to 75 players this past Sunday and Owens was part of the cut.

Owens tweeted, “I’m no longer a Seahawk,” continuing, “I THANK the organization 4 the opportunity, I’m truly blessed beyond belief. My FAITH is intact & will NOT waiver.”

Sea Hawks Gear T.O. Sent his Cousin A Couple Of Days Ago

In relating news, in case y’all missed it, a couple of weeks back Terrell appeared on the Dr. Phil show with three of his four baby mama‘s.  All three women, Kimberly Floyd, Melanie Paige Smith and Monique Reynolds threw him under the bus saying that Terrell is a deadbeat dad, doesn’t see his kids and is too broke to afford his child support payments ($45,000/month).

Guess these ladies are gonna be even  unhappier now that T.O. no longer has a job……

Terrell Owens On Dr. Phil


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