Teyana Taylor Gets Into A Fight With A Movie Director On Set!


I’m sure you’ve heard rumors that talk about the entertainment industry as being shady. Well today’s showdown between Teyana Taylor and movie director Jean -Claude La Marre. This comes as news to me, but Teyana had been filming Gangs of Roses 2 alongside Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa when she started to have a toothache. Things got ugly when the director, La Marre, wouldn’t let her leave the set using the car service. Teyana popped off on dude but she must have picked the wrong one! La Marre pushed her back after she got in his face and from there things got even crazier ending with the two getting separated by crew members and Teyana leaving with a busted lip and nose, plus a ripped shirt and blood on her shorts.

La Marre has fired back to this story saying that he was trying to defend himself and that “kids lash out”. Teyana isn’t keeping her mouth shut about the situation either though. In a statement to Global Grind she told them that the entire ordeal was very unprofessional and hurtful. She felt as if he only cared about himself overall and that’s the REAL reason why he wouldn’t let her leave the set. Teyana spit some real knowledge letting it be known that “you never put your hands on a woman. Period.” Well dang! There you have it folks! Can you believe that Teyana got into a fight like this at a movie set? What do you think of the movie director putting his hands on Teyana? What are your predictions as to how this drama will end?

Spotted @TheYBF


  1. I bet they want do him like they did my man Chris Brown………………… AND HE WAS A GROWN MAN CHRIS WAS STILL A 19 YEAR OLD KID……………………SMH……………………..


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