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The Freddyo Foundation Bring Out Neffe & Shawty Lo Speaks To Children About Making Good Decisions


Neffe and Shawty Lo came out to speak to a group of high school kids about decision making. I was on the stage on pins and needles as I was praying that Neffe didn’t do anything thing that would get me kicked out of all public schools. However, she moved the kids and myself with her testimony and kept it real. Neffe spoke on making good decisions now because she didn’t want them to face what she had been through. Neffie and Solo both talked about being parents at a young age. Neffie being a mom at age 16 and Solo being a father at age 13. She also discussed that the decisions made today will impact their future. Shawty Lo implemented that the streets is not the right path to take and that life has much more to offer. I want to send a special “Thank You” To Neffe, Shawty Lo, and Lil Chuckee for coming out and supporting the foundation.

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