‘The Game’ New Wedding Reality TV Series : VIDEO Game vs 40 GLOCC (FULL FIGHT)


The Game is reportedly getting real about marriage and reality TV. Sources report the rapper has teamed up with 51 Minds Entertainment to produce a reality show about his upcoming nuptials with fiancée Tiffany Cambridge. Game proposed to Tiffany, an elementary school teacher, last October. The couple had been dating for seven years and have two children together. Details about the new reality show are sketchy at the moment but sources say it’s expected to focus on the rapper as a family man as well as his wedding preparations.

Production on the show reportedly began earlier this month with plans to shop it to MTV and VH1 for possible distribution. Fifty One Minds Entertainment is the same production company behind Flavor Flav’s “Flavor Of Love.” Reps for Game and the production company have not commented on the reports.

Check out video footage, of The Game who recently beat up rapper 40 GLOCC then posted the video all over the internet. Sources report…

“Instead of killing somebody and Youtubing it, Game filmed his scrap with rapper, 40 Glocc. The footage is brief, but via Twitter, 40 says he was jumped and retreated after guns were drawn.”


The video clip which is shown via World Star Hip Hop, is only about 35 seconds long, with some explicit language.


It basically shows someone approaching and filming rapper 40 Glocc, then throwing some punches, before the man runs away.


To add to the drama, Game had some rather colorful tweets. According to Hip Hop DX, one message involved some lyrics from the Chief Keef song “I Don’t Like,” while the other says:

“Iphone in my left hand….. Mayweather’n this n—- with my right !!!”

40 Glocc also tweeted several messages about the incident, including:


“I just got jump, see wht happen when u passive wit weeniesz! Lol, The weenie recorded it, let see how he edit it.”


The rapper also claimed that Game and his entourage “pulled burners” on him to jump him.


Another report indicates that Game had 12 other people with him, as part of his entourage to go after his foe.

The two rap stars from California have had a longstanding beef, so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.



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