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The Kardashian Facelift


Just when you thought that the Kardashian family couldn’t become recognizable for anything else, you were wrong. The Kardashians now have an entire surgical procedure named after them that is in relation to face structure. Apparently, the Kardashians have a distinct and popular bone structure and it will be recognized through a specific procedure. You guys think they are getting paid for it?

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If you thought yes, the answer is surprisingly NO! The honor actually will go to Australia’s Dr. Gary Eldridge, who actually just filed for a U.S. trademark on what is referred to as his “minimally invasive face/neck lift” aka “The Kardashian Facelift“.


This is crazy, I mean imagine being famous just for the way you look? Being a multi-millionaire just for the way you look? That must be nice, it must be really nice. The only reason that I think this procedure is a bit acceptable for people to do is because it is a painless injection of fibrin protein which forces the skin to rejuvenate itself naturally. How much do you think this procedure is going for?

I can’t wait to get those details!

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