The Old School Affordable Concert with Next, Color Me Bad, Avant, and Bobby Brown !



Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown did his thing at the Old school affordable concert!  It was definitely his prerogative to wow the crowd and he did just that! I tell you, despite whatever obstacles this man has gone through, he continues to please his fans through his love for music. Salute Bobby !

It is no one’s surprise the audience immediately was brought to their feet as Next went into their routine singing the hits that won them their American Music Award nomination for “Favorite Soul/R&B Band/Duo/Group” in 1999.  The old school hip hoppers came out in full effect to support their fans ! Next then thanked everyone for coming out then hit us with the news of a new baby, a new wife and a new album in the midst – I personally cannot wait to see what the New Next project has to offer. Color Me Badd still has it going on, just hearing their soulful voices and the hit song i grew up listening to which is still one of my favorites “Sex U Up ” definitely took me back to my high school years lol. Last but not least the homie Avant shut it down!  Ladies/Fellas when you’re winding down and you just want to chill, you have to listen to the homie Avant, Shout out to Avant for putting it down on stage and pleasing the ladies !

Special thanks to my girl Lisa Gee for having team Freddyo capture this event !







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Photo credit – Jerome Dorn


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