The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Divorced Kris Humphries

People around the world are talking about the split between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Wait, are you still in shock? TMZ reports the reason for Kim and Kris ending their marriage (besides the fact that it was fake) was because Kris wanted to move back to Minnesota and Kim wanted to stay in L.A. for her “career”.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ … one of the main points of contention in the marriage was where the couple would live after all of the wedding madness finally died down.

We’re told Kris was passionate about eventually settling down in Minnesota, where he’s from … and believed Kim was on board with the plan. She wasn’t.

Sources tell us Kim — who’s from L.A. — wants to stay near her family … and she also feels that staying in town is the best thing for her career.

So why didn’t this conversation come up before the $10 million wedding? We’re told the two talked about their future … but got caught up in the hooplah and figured they would simply figure it out after they tied the knot.

Sources say it’s not a nasty break-up … but we’re told the two have come to a realization that it’s not a long-term fit.

Of course its not a nasty break-up when you have a TV marriage and only one party takes it serious. I wonder how the whole Kardashian clan  held their laughter at the wedding, I was watching….can’t wait for the divorce episode!


Who do you think will be Kim K’s next victim?

7 responses to “The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Divorced Kris Humphries”

  1. stacy says:

    Why everyone acting like this women is a bad person . if she felt like it was a mistake which happen to everyday people u have a right to change their mind. and i am sick of people acting like she the only one and that tape . while people calling her everyday in the book Ray J is getting high five and he the man. She a smart women and all those haters are all mad because they wish they have all the fame and money. keep your head up Kim u have a right to change your mind i had a feeling he wasnt the right one for u. he is too quiet while your too strong and love the attention. life goes on

  2. Demetria says:

    One thing I can say her mom had sure se got that prenup because if not he would had got we foreal

  3. Shante says:

    The marriage for publicity and money and it worked! it has everyone discussing their marriage on every blog and every social network…at the end of the day the Kardashians win again

  4. DREW says:

    i just hope she makes another SEXTAPE!!!


  5. chiristy says:

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  6. Carmel says:

    I actually feel sorry for this chick. To look like you have it all when in actuality you have nothing & waste precious time searching for it so sad.

    @Drew..why are you awaiting another sextape. Kim was boring as hell in it. She couldn’t take it nor give it. IJS.

    @Stacy..she’s in this mess because she placed herself in this mess. It comes with the territory so no sympathy from me.

  7. Nique says:

    She didn’t love him to begin with. She was still stuck on Reggie.

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