The True Definition Of Ghetto: The House Of Louis Vuitton + Owners Statement



Ladies and gentlemen, behold the very definition of ghetto the ‘89 Oldsmobile Cutlass Siera Louis Vuitton Limited Edition, decorated and driven by Steve LaNasa and A freshly painted Louis Vuitton run down home… After my post I got several emails saying that there were more pictures of the Louis Vuitton Car and even a quote from the owner, this is what he had to say:

“This is my car. It all started when the hippie who lived in the apartment behind my house lost his car. As in misplaced. When the cops showed up three weeks later to inform him that it was parked on the next block over, he graciously sold it to me for the low, low price of 250 bucks, having bought a new car in the interim. I promptly scraped off the 800 bumper stickers and went to work. First, I took it to Earl Scheib and had it given a heavy coat of “Chocolate Glitter.” Then I painted the trim, wheel holes, the dash, steering wheel, and all the other interior with a heavy coat of gold enamel. After that, I spent a week in the garage stenciling the logos on with gold spray paint and gold leaf. A quick top-coat at Earl’s and I was good to go. So far, it’s been a really bad influence on me…whenever people take my picture in it, I just can’t seen to keep my finger out of my nose. And when folks pull up next to me at the stoplight and start revving their engines, I just want to floor it. And sometimes I do.”

Click here to see the house of Louis Vuitton…




  1. I should’ve known…I should’ve fuckin’ known that a white man is behind this madness….Man Only In America!!!!! I can’t…..

  2. I like it! We had someone in Melbourne, FL a few years ago with the same paint (but done at a paint shop) on a 2 door Chevy Capris with 26″ gold spokes. That’s what country folks do with their money down here. We got all type of M&M cars, Skittles, Frosted Flakes, The Hulk and so on. It might be ghetto, but ya’ll wish you had money to waste on junk like this!


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