The Video That Set Black Women Back 40 years: I’m Selling P*ssy



My homie told me about this new rap group that is taking over the Atl called 1stLady ‘s and there new hit single “I’m Selling P*ssy”. Now I will say that these ladies have (to me) set black women back a few years with lines like…

“im selling pu*sy , i aint gotta rap”,

” long as the cash right i’ll f*ck the smash crew”,


“if the price is right then i will cum on you “

1stLady-im sellingpussy

But I must admit  I love the song. Please tell me what you think??? and if anybody knows how to get in contact with these ladies please leave info in comment section. Here’s the video:


  1. i seen this on worldstar about 2 months ago i gotta admit the song is catchy but these hoez lost they mind but at the same time u have chicks that dont give a fuck what the world think i.e kat stacks lol

  2. Yea the song was catchy but I can’t sang this song…. Ratchet as a bitch…. And big gurl at the end had me dying when she bent it over

  3. This song is disturbing. Your’re right this does push female rappers back 50 years. This is exactly why you should STAY IN SCHOOL!!!! I bet DOLLARS that 2 out of 3 of these women are on assistance, stay in public housing, and are getting a check faithfully on the first of every month. The bad thing is that they most definately have children, daughters, who will eventually see this mess. I admire their boldness, but can you really see this being a hit??? Nope, I mean, I could only see Lil Kim doing something similar to this.

    This is tasteless! I really do hope that they become successfull doing something other than rapping about selling P*$$y. This is what you call a product of your environment. Need I say anything further.

    How about promoting safe sex or furthering your education. Strive to be the next TLC not ways to get a STD.

    -Heather E. 🙂

  4. Those lyrics remind me of when Nikki Minaj said she is a “Cunt” ( On her new album Pink Friday). She opened the doors for these girls. The do not realize what the do when they put this type of craziness in the atmosphere. Everyone always watch things like this and laugh, but it is not funny anymore, people are taking it to the limits just to get attention.

  5. Honestly if you look at the flip side, most male rappers flaunt how promiscuous they are and how much p|_|$$y they get.

    So you can’t really call these chicks nasty and not call Luda, Lil’ Wayne, 50, even Kanye as being just as nasty. And if your argument is that these hoes are selling it… News flash! Rappers work hard at what they do not for the jewelry, cars, and clothes. They do it for the “1st Ladies” (not Michelle Obama lol).


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