They Saying Lauren London and Trey Songz Have Broken Up


Lauren London sure does know how to keep a relationship on the low. Nobody knew she was with Lil Wayne and now it’s the same case for her and  Trey Songz. Yup! That’s right! Supposedly the two were dating for a year and half and are breaking up now. Now the real question is…why are they breaking up? Sources say that Trey Songz is a little flirtatious and Lauren is not up for that mess! This is all too crazy!!! Do you think this is even true?


Spotted @ Bossip


  1. I’m sorry she had to know that brother is extremely flirtatious. She must of thought it was going to stop once they linked up.

  2. Im thinking friends with benefits and trying to create some lowkey publicity..this girl has never been in a relationship so we heard and then she gets pregnant by lil wayne “mr i wish i can f*** every girl in the world” at the same time as nivea. so they were never exclusive. So she broke up with him for his wandering ways, please She knew she was going to be sharing him with a million other women..I dont know why the the source felt the need 2 release this when it wasnt even announce that they were together, atleast to the public in the first place.

  3. well guyzzzzz u knw hw guyz r n i personaly think we as gals shud accept wat cums our way n belve in ourslfs plus hey wat cn i sy 2 cn ply da gme mwah

  4. guys cum nd go i mean once u loose 1 ul definitly get anada 1 so plz gal get ova it nd get use 2 it dat guys r da sme f…


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