TI And Club Crucial 2009 Bike Giveaway


For the past 4 years since TI and his uncle Derrick have owned club crucial they have worked hard to give back to the community in what ever way they can… This year Tip couldn’t come out but he did send his love and support by teaming up with his uncle to purchase over 500 bikes, wagons and scooters to give away to the Kids of Bankhead…


I had only one problem with the event….It was upsetting to see the people yelling at Tip’s uncle Derrick and his staff because they couldn’t get the  bike they wanted, but instead got a scooter or wagon. I think sometimes people have to remember when someone is giving things from their heart you should always just be thankful take it, smile, and say thank you. Or just take it to the pawnshop get the money and go buy what you want… 4real!!!

Big ups to Tip his Uncle D and Aunt Trish Love Yall.

Check out the pics below…

13 responses to “TI And Club Crucial 2009 Bike Giveaway”

  1. Cindy Mipper says:

    Damn! Some people are never grateful.

  2. lala says:

    I am glad TI and his family are looking out for Bankhead, this is your first post that you dont have no hoodrates in the pic’s

  3. Atlanta People says:

    Can someone tell me why everyone in the ATL looks like they are dirty

  4. thicndawst says:

    I agree. With Cindy. People get ish for free and still have theiR lips poked out! Hell, I WISH I could get somethin for free! I would be praising Jesus!

  5. This the Dirty Suth biiitch that’s why people look so dirty..I married a dirty one too!

  6. uknow says:

    I agree some people are so ungrateful and then when people don’t help them they complaining. BE THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. LAYLA says:

    Damn shame people can be so ungratful, something is better than the nothing that you came there with.

  8. suga mama says:

    chick could have at least fixed her wig….LAWD HAVE MERCY….SMH!!!!!!

  9. Frost says:

    Some people are so ungrateful. Probably why they’re in the situation they’re in to where they need handouts in the first place!

    They shouldn’t have gotten shit.

  10. Some people can never be happy with what they get even when they didn’t spend a penny. Beggars cant be choosers. Take what you are given and smile….I agree with you again Freddy, if you don’t like it, sell it, give it to someone else, trade, wth damn.

  11. l says:

    I am looking at the mom’s look on her face(she don’t look to happy), while her kids smile with glee.I wish somebody thought about giving me a scooter or a bike..man, I would have been estatic at that age but hmmm…you can’t please all the people everytime.

  12. So true.Being grateful for what we have opens us up to receive more.And if your ungrateful with only a little,why would GOD want to give you alot?

  13. Very nice gesture of them. In life you’re always going to meet people like that, all they know is they’re doing their job and that’s what matters.

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