TI Speaks+Grand Hustle Takes Over V103’s 19th Annual For Sisters Only



One of Atlanta’s top radio stations held its 19th annual event entitled For Sisters Only. For Sisters Only is an annual 2 day event that draws over 20,000 supporters daily. People travel from many states to come and see the great performances ,great music, meet radio personalities, check out vendors and of course see FreddyO.com !

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Tip came out with  all of Grandhustle as he ripped the stage. I got to tell ya’ll the energy that I got from Tip and all the love he gave ya boi made me feel like a superstar. He told me:

“Freddy as long as I’m living I will be ok, my family good so i’m good, but thanks for all the prayers”.

Hey, I’m just glad I got a quote and he’s OK… LOL .. I also have video of him thanking everyone for all the prayers.


Mrs. Clifford “Tiny” Harris  was in the building, along with Baby Boy, Big Kuntry King, Ricco, OMG,  Young DRO, Yung LA, Young Shon, Rich Kids, and more.. Here are all the pics…

– Another post by: Courtney L.


  1. nice to see Tiny wearing her real hair.The girls was doing their thang but they definitely cant touch Willow Smith.”whip yo hair”


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