Tiffany Simmons book signing August 21st at Wolf Creek Library

Tiffany Simmons Author/Attorney

Tiffany Simmons is not only an accomplished attorney, besides winning cases she has been busy publishing her 4th novel “The Plug’s Lawyer.” A book based loosely on life as a girl who grew up in Michigan and was familiar with the streets. Yes Simmons book is actually a Trap Book! Was attorney Tiffany Simmons trapping back in the day?

Tiffany Simmons

We sure hope not. But after Simmons shed new light on her definition of trapping then maybe we all Trap Kings out here. According to attorney Tiffany we are trapping where ever and whenever we are getting our coins! When off the clock Tiffany wanted us to know how a past Trap attorney dresses when she is not in court! We have no problem with that. If you want to see her in person then you need to attend her book signing at the Wolf Creek Branch Library on Monday August 21st. That’s definitely a great way to start your week. I might have to start visiting the libraries on Mondays now and DVR  Love & Hip Hop.

TIffany Simmons

Who’s meeting me there?

Tiffany Simmons


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