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Timbaland Showcases Drastic Weightloss on Instagram!

Super producer Timbaland broke Instagram when he showcased his dramatic weight loss. He shares candidly that he lost 130 lbs over eight months with sheer willpower and determination.

Check out the details below.

Weight loss is hard for anyone; it’s definitely hard when you live your life in the spot light. Super producer Timbaland surprised the world by showcasing his massive weight loss on Instagram over night. The producer was very candid and transparent about his 8 month odyssey of moving weight and embracing the concept of self-care. He has several videos talking about how with GOD’s help he is able to reach his goals.

Timbaland shared encouraging words of advice to help others reach their goals. These tips included focusing on self and doing something to make yourself happy and well. He has several videos talking about how with GOD’s help he is able to reach his goals.

Things are going great for the producer who is back in the news making music and showing tremendous support to the city of Flint, Michigan. He’s currently gearing up for a huge benefit concert to help Flint Michigan. Timbaland shared,

“I’m looking forward to returning to Detroit for this benefit performance. It has always been about the people of Flint, Michigan so I am grateful to be able to donate even more to address this crisis.”

Great job Timbaland.

What are some of your tips for being healthier and moving weight?


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